About the AMPBA

AMPBA Incorporated is a non-profit association of affiliated radio-controlled model power boat clubs throughout Australia. The association is led by a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two committee members who are elected by members of the association each year. The holders of these positions act in the best interest of all electric, nitro and petrol model boaters in Australia.

Model power boats can be very dangerous and all model power boat racers are encouraged to join a club and the AMPBA. We encourage the safe use of model power boats by following the AMPBA rules and always keep in mind the safety of fellow competitors and spectators at each event. In case of an accident, all financial members are covered by a national insurance policy.

The rules of the AMPBA cater for almost any type of boat and they enable all members of the association to enjoy the fun of racing model power boats. Boats can be powered by electric, nitro or petrol engines and hull types such as hydroplanes, monos, tunnels and outboards can compete at most events. The rules governing model boat racing in Australia have been compiled by the AMPBA and can be freely downloaded from this website.

Each year the AMPBA National championships are held over 4 to 5 days during April or May. Over the 33 National Title events that have been held, many competitors have traveled from all parts of Australia and also from other countries such as USA and New Zealand. At the 2006 AMPBA National Titles a total of 80 members entered 233 boats to compete for the National Title in each class.  The greatest prize in Australian model boat racing, The Middleton Trophy, is awarded to the best performance by a competitor at the Nationals each year. Over the years many great names in Australian model boating have won the Middleton trophy and every competitor that competes at the Nationals has a chance of winning this prestigious award. The Murray Hunter Award is also offered each year for the best performance by any first time Nationals competitor.

The AMPBA also sanctions annual oval racing events such as the Winter Spectacular, Country Champs,  Battle of the Borders, Caribbean Masters and the Queensland, Victorian, South Australian and New South Wales State Titles as well as Speed trial events to set National records. For more information about these events please refer to the Coming Events page.

If you wish to join us and enjoy the pleasures of racing model boats, please contact your nearest club for more information.