AMPBA history

During the late sixties here in Australia, model boating was in its infancy with no Association to cater for enthusiasts. In 1972, a meeting was held in South Australia at the residence of George Middleton. Others present also from S.A. include David Dean, Barry Detori, Dean Degusto and David Lea with Rod Smith and Murray Hunter attending from Victoria. This first meeting laid the foundation for what we now know as the Australian Model Power Boating Association, the AMPBA.

The Association was formed in 1972 with the first official Nationals held at Round Pond in Adelaide S.A. in 1973 and again in 1974. Word soon spread of the Association and in 1975, the Nationals were held at Kipplax lake in Sydney with new comers in attendance like Brian McKeller, Andrew Young and Barry Craven to name a few. In 1977, competitors traveled from far and wide to attend the only Nationals held to date in Western Australia.

From those early members, two names stand out as perpetual trophies awarded at the Nationals, the Middleton trophy and the Murray Hunter memorial trophy.